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Course curriculum

    1. Sampling - Beginner to Pro


    3. Sampling - Chop and Time Stretch

    4. Sampling - Phrase Sampling

    5. Sampling - RX8 Sampling Secrets

    6. Sampling - One Shots

    7. Sampling - Downsampling

    8. Sampling - Formant Filter

    9. Sampling - Reverb Ambience

    10. Sampling - Adding Music to Samples


    1. Billboard Arrangement Formula


    1. Kanye West Sound Selection

    2. Sound Design 101

    3. Primary Sound Shapes

    4. ADSR Envelopes

    5. Voicing Octaves and Pitch

    6. Phase Inversions and Polarity

    7. Monophonic, Polyphony, Legato, Portamento and Pitch Bend

    8. Stereo Width in Sound Design

    9. Wave Stacking Mix Levels

    10. Filtering

    11. Master Filters

    12. Mod Envelopes, LFO, and Mod Matrix

    13. Creating a Drum Track using Layering for Complex Sounds

    14. Creating a Track using Effects in Sound Design

    15. Common Sounds in Sound Design

    16. Fundamental Frequency and Upper Harmonics

    17. Creating Distortion without using Plugin Effects

    18. How to Make Kicks

    19. How to Make 808s

    20. How to Make Snares

    21. How to Make Claps

    22. How to Make Hi Hats

    23. Kanye West Beat Tutorial in FL Studio

    24. How to Make Hi Hats Pt 2


    1. How to Make Bigger Melodies

    2. Transforming Chords into Melody

    3. Anchor Melody

    4. Counterpoint Melody

    5. Contrast Melodies

    6. Grace Notes Will Change Your Melodies

    7. 5 Finger Piano Technique for Better Melodies

    8. The energy flow of your melodies

    9. Tension at the Turn Arounds

    10. Reversing Melodies and Half Speed Techniques

    11. Dynamic Melodies with Accent Notes

    12. Dynamic Melodies with Accent Notes 2

    13. Motifs and Themes in Melody Writing

    14. The Magic of Rising Choruses

    15. Multiple Notes per Word in Songwriting

    16. Adding 5ths and 4ths to Your Melodies

    17. How to use Octaves to Spice up your Melodies

    18. How to use Modes for Your Melodies

    19. Melody as Part of Chord Progression

    20. How to Start a Song with Melody and Harmonize

    21. Tools for Vocal Melody

    22. How to Turn Vocal Chops into Melody

    23. Mode Moods

    24. Relative Scales Major and Minor


    1. How to Make SAMPLE BEATS like J Dilla

    2. Dr. Dre Beat Tutorial

    3. How to Make Better Beats

    4. Best Plugins for Making Beats

    5. Easy Music Theory and Mixing Tricks

    6. Drum Rhythm Secrets

    7. The Secret to Motion

    8. Hip Hop Sample Beats in FL Studio

    9. How to Make Trap Beats in FL Studio

    10. Pop Music Beat Tutorial

    11. Music Theory Foundation

    12. The Scale Approach

    13. Dual Melodies

    14. Halftime and Reverse FX


    1. EQ Explained

    2. EQ EXAM

    3. Compression Explained

    4. Compression EXAM

    5. Clipping Explained

    6. Saturation Explained

    7. Limiters Explained

    8. Stereo Imaging Explained

    9. Delay and Reverb Explained

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