Course curriculum

    1. 1-How to Make Any Chord using Secret Chord Codes

    2. 2-What is a Chord

    3. 3-What is a Chord Progression

    4. 4-What is a Melody

    5. 5-How to Create Inspirational Chords

    6. 6-How to Make Jazzy Chord Progressions

    7. 7-Music Theory for Beginner's

    8. 8-Why Traditional Music Theory is Confusing

    9. 9-Borrowed Chords

    1. 1-RnB Chords Strumming

    2. 2-RnB Chords Delayed Notes

    3. 3-RnB Chords Slide Notes and Timing Techniques

    4. 4-Neo Soul Flattened 7ths

    5. 5-Neo Soul Minor 9th

    6. 6-Neo Soul Maj7 and Min7 and Chord Color

    7. 7-House Chord Transposing and Sound Design

    8. 8-How to Build Chords from a Scale

    9. 9-Chord Voicing

    10. 10-Pseudo Leading Tones

    11. 11-Reverse Engineering Chords Using Pseudo Leading Tones

    12. 12-Collapsing Chords

    13. 13-Light and Heavy Velocity

    14. 14-Color Tones

    15. 15-Transposing and Retaining Mood

    16. 16-Creating Variations by Changing Chord Types

    17. 17-Sustain Notes for Tension

    18. 18-The Sustain Pedal

    19. 19-Strumming Scale Colors

    1. 21-Chord Splitting

    2. 22-Chord Inversions

    3. 23-Fifth Stacks and Fourth Stacks

    4. 24-Adding 5th color tones in sound design

    5. 25-7th and 9th Chords

    6. 26-Chord Nomenclature

    7. 20-Clustered Tension Notes

    8. 27-Using 5ths and 4ths

    9. 28-Sustained Octave Jumps

    10. 29-Chord Stacking

    11. 30-Step Notes in Chord Progressions

    12. 31-Chord Tension and Release

    13. 32-Voiced Tension

    14. 33-Power Chords

    15. 39-Jazz Maj7 and Min7 Variations

    16. 34-Plucking Arps on Guitar

    17. 35-Jazz 11th Chords

    18. 36-Dominant 7th Chords

    19. 37-Jazz 7th and 9th Chords

    20. 43-Pop Progression 1

    21. 42-Pop Triad Variations

    22. 44-Pop Progression 2

    23. 40-Pop Bass Octaves

    24. 45-Pop Progression 3

    25. 38-Neo Soul Maj7 and Min7 and Chord Color

    26. 47-EDM Progression

    27. 48-Trap Chord Tension

    28. 46-Pop Progression 4

    29. 41-Pop Sustain Root Note of Chord

    1. 49-Pop Songwriting

    2. 50-Rock Songwriting

    3. Extreme Chord Expansion Tutorial

    4. How to Make Happy 80s Chords

    5. How to Make Gospel Chords Pt1

    6. TRAP Chords Tutorial

    7. Big Sean 90s RnB Chords

    8. How to Transform Your Chords into Emotional Melodies

    1. One Quick Trick to Make Your Chords Sound Cooler

    2. Secret Chord Transition Trick [Easy to Use]

    3. Trap Chords Beginner FL Studio Tutorial [Free Project Download]

    4. These Chords Will Change Your Beats Tremendously

    5. Instant Chord Trick Which Makes Chords Sound Way Better

    6. Simple Chord Trick You Can Use for Your Trap Beats

    7. Really Advanced Chord Progression Technique

    8. How to Turn Amateur Chords into Pro Chords

    9. How to Transform One Chord into Four New Chords

    10. How to Make Long Chord Progressions Easily

    11. Instant EDM Chord Tricks

    12. How to Add Melody Sparkle to Your Chords

    13. How to Make Chords in FL Studio 20 [Pt.2]

    14. How to Make Chords from One Note [Advanced Music Theory]

    15. FLEXIBLE CHORDS (Your Secret Music Theory Tool)

    16. Chord Codes - The Secret to Getting Started with Music Theory Immediately

    17. 3 Melody Tricks from Young Thug, Gunna, Lil Baby Chords [Pt 1]

    18. Studio One 4 How to Make Chords Sound More RnB

    19. How to Create Long Chord Progressions Easily

    20. Gospel Chord Secrets Revealed

    21. Advanced Chord Progression Tricks [FREE Project Download]

    22. 90's R&b and Gospel Chord Secrets

    23. Studio One 4 - Simple RnB Chord Trick

    24. FL STUDIO How to Make Modern RnB with 90s Chords

    25. How to Trap Pt 1 Chords

    26. Nujabes Piano Chords Boom Bap Beat Tutorial

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